Not only do I edit demo reels, but I'm also an actor. My credits include network primetime television shows and an Academy Award-winning film.
Therefore, I understand the pride actors take in their work. I have also spent time with agents and casting directors to learn what they look for in a reel. I'm here to combine that first-hand experience and industry knowledge to craft a highlight reel of your work!
We'll start with an email to establish your goals for the reel. Once you've provided all the necessary materials, I'll look them over and give you a consultation on the order of scenes and how I might edit them.
I can also advise on where to host your reel as well as strategies on video submissions for auditions.
You wanna see some samples of my work? Sure you do.
Give me a holler at and we'll get the ball rolling. My rate is $200 per reel.